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Our Purpose

  • To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • To maintain and operate a safe environment of motorcycling, free of alcohol and drugs.

  • To promote a Christian fellowship for bikers.

  • To ride for Jesus and create a brotherhood for Christ. 

  • To bring love instead of hatred. 

  • To bring peace instead of disarray. 

  • To be loyal to God, ourselves, and others.

  • To be a team player, always playing in God's field. 

  • To carry and wear your colors with pride and integrity at all times.

  • To profess with your mouth and your actions, openly in public, your Savior Jesus Christ. 


Always have the understanding that we are being watched by those who are still lost and looking to find. We may be the only example of Jesus Christ that they may even stop to look at. Let them see something different, something good, someone who cares, and someone that can bring comfort. Let them see Jesus Christ in all that we do. Be an example of good, not evil AT ALL TIMES, not just while flying your colors. 

​A) We are a Christian motorcycle club, which focuses on three different ministries at the same time. Our first calling is to each member of this club and their immediate family. We are to show the love of Christ to each other at all times. We are to help, support, encourage, and pray for each other for as long as you are a member. We are honest and respectful at all times and in all things. We will correct, rebuke, and repent from anything that stands in the way of God's truth in our lives and in this club. Being we are a Christian club, we are accountable for each other and will watch over each other as we live out our Christian life. 

B) The second ministry we have been called to is our outreach to the "outlaw" motorcycle community. As a club we will enter into the outlaw community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our presence and witness, we hope to lead people to believe in Jesus. The reason why we do this as a club is because our Lord sent out His disciples two by two, knowing their limitations. We also have the same limitations; we go forth in number to encourage each other to fulfill our calling. We are not a silent witness, but a living testimony of the power of our Lord. By our going out as a club, we can encourage and support each other to share our faith and our club's mission with whomever we meet. 

C) Being Rugged Cross M.C. has been blessed with pastors as members of its club, there is a new ministry opened up by our Lord. This ministry is to preform ministerial acts for those out the outlaw community. We have now made ourselves available to officiate at dedications, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. These acts are preformed only when there is an open door to share the gospel of Christ and will be received in reverence to our Lord. We will not at anytime compromise our faith as we serve the outlaw community, but instead we will be a faithful witness to the Lord as we serve. 

D) Through the above three ministries, it is our hope that Rugged Cross M.C. will be a tool used by our Lord to draw people into faith. It is the purpose of this club to show the outlaw community the love of Christ with the hope of their turning from sin and turning to Jesus! Everything we say and do as a club is with this purpose in mind. 

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